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Welcome SupNootropic site , in order to maintain your shopping experience is safe and protect your personal interests ,

 Please read the following terms of content ︰

1 Privacy range contains only this site for your personal information and identity management .

  Privacy does not apply to websites related links outside of this website .


 2 collection and use of information

  You are a registered account , browse the web , or participate in the site activities, we will collect your personal information and identification information . General view , the server will automatically record the relevant path, such as IP address, browser and click on the data records. If you choose to shop on this site or to track goods, the site will collect relevant information. All the information will be used as a reference site we continue to enhance services , purely internal applications will not be published.


 3 . Sharing information

  In addition to order processing related units or service providers , such as banks received payment , shipping companies , SupNootropic sites will never disclose your personal information to other organizations or individuals . Use or disclosure of other information required to obtain the consent and authorization of members.


 4 data protection

  This site is provided with a firewall, antivirus and other security equipment systems , in order to protect the site and your personal information secure.


 5. Cookie Application

  This site may transmit "cookie" to the user's PC in order to identify the server to do in the future in order to provide the most comprehensive personalized service . If you do not wish to transmit cookie, you can set your web browser first condition , reject the transfer instructions . Once set to reject all cookie, in this part of the site may not enjoy the personalized service or participate in some activities .


 6 authorized network links

  Links to this website must obtain authorization SupNootropic 's , SupNootropic can always suspend the right to authorize and unlink . Link to this site to other websites are not applicable privacy protection .


 7 Privacy correction and change

  When you use the services provided by this website , SupNootropic deemed that you have read and agree to this policy. Privacy Policy This site will change depending on the actual needs correction terms will be updated after the announcement on the website . If you have any questions about this website privacy policy , please feel free to write to us contact us.

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